Zero Trust and WARP "Enforce Session Duration"

Hi Everyone.

We are using Zero Trust with the WARP client, and have an “Enforce Client Session Duration” network policy enabled. In general, it works great; when the session duration is up the user gets prompted to reauthenticate.

On occasion, a user’s WARP client will get into a state where the session duration enforcement still works, but when the time period is up, they no longer get prompted by the WARP client to reauthenticate. When this happens they can manually go into preferences and re-authenticate, and then it works again until the session duration is up (at which point again, they don’t get a prompt.) The only way we’ve found to make the prompt come back is to uninstall and reinstall the client.

Has anyone else seen this?

I should add, the client machines are all Macs.

It’s like the client just doesn’t realize the session is expired…