Zero Trust Access - Seat limit

New or existing (but disabled) User didnt connect to the zero trust and get the following message in the registration. “Your Cloudflare Access organization has used all of its available seats this month.”

Only 53 of 55 are used, so there are 2 seats available.

We changed from standard to paid plan since 2 weeks to get access for the 55 users.
Could it be some billing issues related, that we can see in the cloudflare status page?

We opend a ticket (#3230422) but the Bot answer didnt helped.

I hope some one can help to resolve the issue.

Issue stil exist and open a new ticket at [email protected] with number #3235022.

No one who can help or have a resolution / workaround?

From that screenshot it looks like you are signed up for Access but are likely also using Gateway seats. This error message is likely due to gateway seats being full rather than access.

In the zero trust dashboard under my team > users > you can click the three dots next to each user and click view to see what kind of seat(s) each user is occupying.

If you are using a la carte, you’ll want to switch to the standard plan.

I’ll follow up in your ticket as well, so feel free to reply in the ticket with any questions.

Thank you to the e-mail support from cloudflare.

The mistake was, that we purchase over a la cart “Access” seats and not “Gateway” seats.

After changing to a la cart “Gateway” seats, the login over WARP was successfull.

We didn´t need the features from “Access” so the change to “Gateway” isn´t the problem, but if anyone need both access and gateway for more than 50 Users, the standard plan should be the right way.

Supportticket will be closed and the thread here can also be closed.