Zero Trust Access Email Not Being Sent

I have an application set up within Zero Trust that requires users to recieve an OTP when they enter their email from a set list of allowed email domains. This access lasts for 30 days and then they need to recieve another passcode. This has been in place for several months and been working fine until now.

Today, however, there appears to be a problem with users not receiving the emails with their access code even though they’ve recieved it in the past. Myself and two other members of the team have tried this and have the experienced the issue. Any idea why this issue is suddenly occuring? We need that access in order to continue with this project which is in the final stages of development, so it’s quite urgent.

There is a mail issue…

Aha! That would explain it. I didn’t see that when I checked the status page. It appears to be working again. Thanks!