Zero Trust Access Access rule applies which has not been set

Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help me.

I use Cloudflare Zero Trust to reach my web interfaces + Nextcloud.

For my normal web interfaces I use an email access rule so that I get a code sent to me to get access. This also works perfectly!

Now I want a subdomain to have only a country restriction, but no email.

I have only assigned the country restriction to the subdomain, but not the email restriction, but cloudflare still asks me for my email. What could be the reason for this?

Hi, Cloudflare Access engineer here:

You want to swap the policy Action from ‘Allow’ to ‘Service Auth’

Best regards

Hi @egomes ,

thank you very much! that’s what i wanted :slight_smile:


Small additional question: is it possible to combine country allowlist and email sign in code?

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