Zero Trust Access AAD Groups Throwing Error

When trying to set up an include rule with the condition being an Azure Active Directory (AAD) group, I get the error message ‘access.api.error.invalid_request: failed to load group’. I’ve got three instances of my tenant and all three throw the same error when entering any valid group GUID (when using the Test function the group membership lists fine). Is there an issue with AAD groups today?

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Hi, I am add a group azure in Cloudflare zero trust and i got this error “access.api.error.invalid_request: failed to load group”.

In login methods, Azure authentication test was successful.


This was working previously for a while, but now I’m having this same issue with both my personal account and work account. It appears that something recently at Cloudflare or Azure has changed that is resulting in this issue? I’ve confirmed that the appropriate Microsoft Graph API permissions (specifically Group.Read.All) are still configured and have been granted admin consent for the directory.

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I’ve escalated this issue to Cloudflare Support as there are a few people with the same error.


Thank you.

Hi, this is my first group, configuration and permission are ok.

A Status Page update has just gone out which is likely the same issue.

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Confirmed it’s now working in my environments. Thanks for the heads up!

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