Zero Team Unable to add device

Zero Team Unable to add device ,Warp VPN cannot be used。Please have the administrator repair it

If you’re having trouble adding a device or using WARP VPN, please ensure that the WARP client is logged into the associated team. Devices will appear once they are logged in. If the issue persists, contact your administrator to check if there are any restrictions or issues with the team settings that need to be resolved.

Devices cannot be added in Zero Trust,Can you see the screenshot I sent。BUG?

I am a novice, how can I contact the administrator?


You are the administrator. Devices are added by installing the client on a device and signing into a team.

I tried to log in from the client, but I can’t get the verification code in my email.

Are you sure your email matches the device enrollment policy and the configured authentication mechanisms?

Yes, I’m sure. The mailbox is correct. I’ll be here first Wapr login cloudflare Zero trust account
Organization name has been entered.Then turn to the page to the browser, and then enter my email for verification, and I can’t receive the verification code.

Check your spam folder and confirm that the message wasn’t sent there. Make sure that your enrollment policy at least initially is as simple as possible. Do you just have emails or emails ending in as the criteria or are there other criteria as well?

Log in to Zero Trust. Do I need to add devices first? But I didn’t find the entrance to add equipment.

My Team /Devices lists devices which have signed in using the Warp client to a team. What is your device enrollment policy?

Then there is no problem with my operation steps, but I just can’t receive the verification code. I looked in the junk mail box and there was nothing in it.
True and strange

I carefully checked the registration rules and it turned out that my device registration rules were selected incorrectly, resulting in not receiving the email verification code. Zero trust is now in normal use. Thank you very much for your patient guidance.

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