Zero requests through cloudflare

Hello, I’m testing Cloudflare for a few weeks now, with a free account, when I log in to check the stats I have 0 Requests Through Cloudflare, 0 unique visitors…

Am I doing something wrong, can someone please help sort this?

Thank you.

Are you proxying through Cloudflare? Whats the domain?

Well, I have updated the nameservers with Cloudflare’s.

You do, but that does not mean you are proxying through Cloudflare. And in fact, you do not. Your DNS records point straight to your IP address. You’d need to switch from :grey: to :orange: if you want to proxy them.

Thank you. I have activated this for the A DNS record, is that enough?

Depends on what you want. www for example still points to your server.

Oh Ok. I’ve changed it as well then.
Thank you!

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