Zero percentage cached after hours

We have a cached percentage of zero after hours of setting up the CDN on our Wordpress website.

Our site url is different from our main hosting domain name where all our DNS records are.
So cloudflare has but our site resolves to ( using a redirect and a rewrite rule in the htaccess doc )
Could this be why our cache isnt building up?

The first wordpress plugin we used gave us this error when we entered the API token 'No zone named ’ - because the Cloudflare account is for

We did find a plugin that seems to connect. It allowed us to enter the API token and the domain name - that seems to have allowed a connection.

ANd in the browser, if we inspect the network load, response headers for images are served from a Cloudflare server. But still, after 3 hours, our Percent Cached is 0. ( we do have requests, visitors and a tiny bit of data served from Cloudflare)

Can anyone help us please?

Could you please share the domain name?


This domain is redirecting to so Cloudflare doesn’t cache anything.

This domain is also using Cloudflare. I see most of the static assets are being cached. Is this domain not in your Cloudflare account? is not on our cloudflare account because it have no dns records.
on our hosting, its just set up as a domain forwarded to

we host the site on a package as then we forward to and do a rewrite rule in the htaccess so people see in the location bar (that sounds complicated now but its seemed easier than moving the site when client wanted a different domain name

does that make sense? redirects to

$ curl -is | grep 'location' 

Both domains are using Cloudflare.

$ dig +noall +answer NS    86400   IN      NS    86400   IN      NS       86400   IN      NS       86400   IN      NS

I assume you are rewriting/reverse proxying at an origin server? In that case the request never goes through your Cloudflare account (the traffic goes through, which you say is not in your Cloudflare account). Therefore Cloudflare has no opportunity to cache the content in your account. It will be cached in the account of, but this will naturally not affect the cache hit ratio of

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That’s not how it works. What you’re doing is essentially telling people to close your site and open instead.
And that is also why you got the following error:

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Thank you so much for your help.
We understand the issue better now.