Zero-Downtime Failover to show a maintenance page when website is inaccessible

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new in Cloudflare and in this community.

I actually started with Cloudflare Free Plan and things worked pretty well.

Then, I was demanded with a project and that would require that I upgraded Cloudflare to the Pro version.

To be honest, I thought it would be an easy project and that I’d be able to get some support from Cloudflare to get that done, but unfortunately, it was quite the opposite.

I keep receiving messages from Cloudflare sales asking for a meeting but I can’t get support from them, so I decided to try getting some help here.

We have 2 marketing websites that are hosted in the same web hosting provider.

From time to time, this provider fails and our websites go offline, which cause a huge problem for us because clients use that to login to our system.

Then, I was asked to find a way to show a webpage with a message to our users saying that the website is in maintenance and showing links to login to our system.

I found the Zero-Downtime Failover feature in Cloudflare and would like to use that.

I tried to ask them Cloudflare support the pre-requisites to get that going were, but didn’t get anything back.

So, I presume I need to find a new web hosting only to host those 2 maintenance pages, but I’m not sure if I need to host them in a VPS with individual IPs or if it could be the cheapest plan that provides a shared infrastructure.

That could seem like a silly question for people who work with websites, but that’s not entirely my case,

When I was reading about the feature in Cloudflare, it was saying I need to provide a 2nd IP address for the 2nd server location for the failover to work.

I understood this feature would redirect traffic to a 2nd location when the 1st one is offline and switch that back when everything goes back to normal.

Does anyone have any documentation or step-by-step on how to do that?



You could just add the same records for your login page pointing to two different IPs/different hosting providers.

You can read more on how this works here:

When a request to one IP address fails, Cloudflare automatically retries the request to other IP addresses associated with the same hostname. This behavior prevents end users from experiencing downtime.

And more on this here:

If you want more control over how you are distributing and when you can use a load balancer: