Zendesk issues

Hello everyone! I made a support ticket already but trying to make use of both support channels to get support faster haha. But I recently started up zendesk (start up program) and been having issues mapping the guide to a subdomain. I’ve already added the Cname to the DNS zone for the guide

but for some reason Zendesk throws out an error. when i showed them that I’ve updated the cname via cloudlfare with the correct info they got their tier 2 support people on the case and pretty much blamed cloudflare. Anyone have suggestions?

Edit: Sorry for lazy grammer and format my brain is still waking up 5:48 AM here in cali.

Seems to require an unproxied record. Switch to :grey: and try again.

I just turned it off a little while ago. Ima wait a little while.

you setting up subdomain CNAME to zendesk right ?

i believe documentation at covers this Host mapping - Changing the URL of your help center – Zendesk help

edit: sorry mistake I am using zoho desk not zendesk LOL

I did all the steps in that article haha they say it’s Cloudflare issue but I’m not sure. :upside_down_face: I just want it to work because I been on phone all day yesterday haha

Does it verify now? Whats the actual host?

Sorry! I’ve been busy. I’ve got it to work. I appreciate the help!

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