Zendesk dns CNAME Error 1000


I am trying to configure a CNAME for a Zendesk account. When I access the URL it shows the following error:
Error 1000 Ray ID: 2024-02-06 10:38:44 UTC
DNS points to prohibited IP

It appears that the CNAME is correct.

What could be the problem?

Can you post the value of the entry? You may have to unproxy it however.

The entry:
Name: csc
Content: xxxx.zendesk.com
Proxy status DNS only
TTL: Auto

xxxx.zendesk.com resolves to Cloudflare addresses. You can configure them, but you can’t proxy them.

If you get the error message even when unproxied, you need to contact your service provider, as their configuration for your domain name will not be properly set up.

How to unproxy?

Thank you

Change to :grey:

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I see this two options
Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 15.24.33

Correct, it should be :grey:

DNS only option?

That’s :grey:?

yes, it is the gray cloud, it is the one I have configured.

That should be correct.

Nothing, still not working, I will have to contact the supplier.

Yes, I am afraid you need to clarify this with your service provider.

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