Zendesk account sync needed

Hello! When I try to view my zendesk dashboard, I’m redirected to login. This always happens and I can’t ultimately get to the dashboard. Tracked it down to this same issue that someone posted last year: Cannot "sign in" on support (redirects to auto-logout). When I reply to email it sends spam. Ticket #2414750. Apparently zendesk still has an email address I stopped using three years ago. Can someone please sync my current email address over to zendesk? Thanks!

Hello! Sorry you have been dealing with this. I have opened a ticket for you so we can confirm information, and that this is the cause, and get this resolved.

Thank you for the quick response! Just FYI, because of this issue, I am unable to view any open tickets in zendesk. I have replied via email, so hopefully you can see that.

I have updated you through the ticket also. I wanted to make sure you knew that this issue should be resolved, but please verify things are functioning normally.

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