Zen Desk not seeing our SPF record


Our domain is proxied by Cloudflare. We recently started working with Zen Desk. They asked that we update our SPF record to include their mail server. We’ve done that and set TTL to 2 minutes. When they run SPF checking tools it shows no SPF record for our domain (most likely b/c we’re being proxied). How do we keep our domain protected and still allow the SPF record to be visible to Zen Desk?


I know this will sound stupid… but when you are creating an SPF record are you creating a TXT record with the value or creating an SPF record? You should create a TXT record with the SPF value not an SPF record.

Disregard the previous… while it’s true it isn’t the issue in your case. Your SPF record does not appear to be syntactically valid.


If you test with your domain and the value of your SPF record (without the quotes) in the second section of the above link it reports errors with your spf record.

Thank you – that fixed it – another vendor’s values in the SPF record was causing problems. They’ve been removed and Zen Desk is now working.


Glad it’s sorted. SPF records suck… a lot.


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