Zen Cart duplicating orders


Our zen cart shop starts to duplicating orders after we joined Cloudflare free service and sometimes give a timeout occurred Error code 524.

Every other page working except checkout confirmation. Only this page give 524 error and when not give timeout error the orders are duplicating.

Cache level: Standard

I set a page rule to index.php?main_page=checkout_confirmation
and set Cache level bypass

What we need to set up to solve this issue?
Thanks any help!

I think the problem is SMTP not working with CloudeFlare and Zen Cart waiting for email sending, this cause timeout and if the customer refreshing the page or clicked again the confirmation button the orders are duplicating.

What is the correct setting for MX and mail server to work SMPT correctly?

Cloudflare does not provide SMTP service. You will need to obtain that information from your email service provider.

Have you visited the Zen Cart Forum at all to see if they have seen anything similar?

I know CF not provide SMTP service. Our hosting provider is Hostgator and there is the mail server.
The question what is the correct settings for mail and MX to work SMTP correctly.

How exactly would anyone here know what your Hostgator SMTP settings are?

Hostgator works. The settings there probably correct. I asked the Hostgator support to check that and they tell me everything is ok on their side.

Name	TTL	Type	Record
olaszsped.com.	14400	A
olaszsped.com.	14400	MX  Priority: 0 Destination: olaszsped.com
mail.olaszsped.com.	14400	CNAME olaszsped.com
olaszsped.com.	14400	TXT v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: ?all

The quetion what are the correct CloudFlare settings.

What makes you think there is any Cloudflare setting involved here? Nothing you have shown suggests that.

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