Zaraz with facebook CAPI

i have magento website and im using zaraz for facebook conversion api , i have set magento to send user key data to zaraz for example zaraz.ecommerce(‘Product Viewed’, {
product_id: ‘6625’,
sku: ‘CP.OS.00000302.01’,
category: ‘Action Cameras & Accessories’,
name: ‘DJI Osmo Pocket 3 Creator Combo’,
brand: ‘DJI’,
price: 2380,
currency: ‘AED’,
em: “[email protected]”,
ph: “1234567890”,
external_id: “0”,
fb_login_id: “608359689853104”

i can see in fb pixel test event that im reciving Email and phone number and external id and facebook login id but when creating an ad and target people who viewed content in my website using the same pixel its not spending and reaching

how can i check if this informations coming from zaraz are correct (i can’t see the informations in fb side)