Zaraz user consent third part banner

Dear comunity,
Frirst please sorry for my english.
I have a cookie banner on my prestashop website.
It’s allow me to manually block cookie with this option :

if (typeof lgcookieslaw_cookie_values === ‘object’ &&
lgcookieslaw_cookie_values.lgcookieslaw_purpose_3 === true
) {

        __JS Code__

The need is, of course diable, zaraz Analytics until the user agreement.
How can i use this solution ?

Because Zaraz banner looks can’t manage out of zaraz JS.
Because my banner manage prestashop addons but hardly more.
Bloking trigger depend of my banner cookies seams doen’t work …

Rule type : Match rule
Variable name : Cookie: _lglaw
Match operation : Not matches regex
Match value : lgcookieslaw_cookie_values.lgcookieslaw_purpose_3===true

The last option looks to add the analytics script inside the addon, that is open as the user unlock the choice. But by this way its looks i need to work with a google tag adding in the addon, unless zaraz.

I’m a small buiness ( and i’m not a dev, its so hard to setting up this consent :confused:
By advance thanks for any help / clues.

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