Zaraz serving our Google Analytics Data to other Cloudflare Users


I was recently informed by a business on the other side of the world that they’ve been receiving our Google Analytics traffic.

Before we begin, I’m new to Zaraz, and this was our first week of setup / sending traffic / testing.

  1. The business contacted us with screenshots confirming our traffic in thier GA account and politely asked us to cut it out
  2. I immediately paused the GA integration in Zaraz and took note of the measurement ID.
  3. I logged into our GA, confirmed the measurement ID was identical to the one we’ve been using.
  4. Then wrote back to the business and was able to confirm they have a different measurement ID.

We still have no idea how or why Zaraz is sending traffic to their GA account.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Hi @andrew106 I am going to open a ticket and you will receive a copy of it.

I suspect there is an error in the configuration. Can you to review and ensure the configuration in Zaraz for GA are correct? If everything seems correct, let us know here or on the ticket 2897518.

Hi Cloonan,

I tripled checked, I’m using the correct measurement ID.

In the meantime, I deleted my measurement ID entirely from GA, created a new measurement ID, updated it on Zaraz, and re-enabled the integration… hoping that triggers some sort of reset in the system.

I’m waiting on the other business to let me know if this has fixed the issue, they are on the other side of the world and are most likely sleeping right now.

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Hey @andrew106 , if you can send me the details (including the relevant domains, IDs, screenshots, etc) to yoav at cloudflare dot com that would be great.


Sent! Thank you

Any update here?

We did not manage to reproduce the issue in anyway. If you can reproduce it, please let us know.

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