Zaraz Script is not loading for Desktop in Console

Hi! Would be great if somebody can provide a solution.

Zaraz Script is not loading for Desktop in Console but is perfectly loading for Mobile version of the website.

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Loading perfectly fine on desktop. You’re probably using an adblocker.

Hi! thanks for your input!

Checked after unblocking all Popups and add blockers, Script seems to be working fine.

Most of the users use Popup Blockers and we are using Zaraz for Google Analytics, does that mean that if scripts are blocked then Google Analytics will not be able to report users. That is what it seems like.

As mostly on the Desktop Version for the website, reporting for Users on desktop is not happening Google Analytics.

Would be thankful if you can help resolve the issue with a solution.

Hi! also wanted to bring to your knowledge, that PageSpeed is also showing Console Errors for Zaraz Script (Not Loading). Image for Errors attached below.

Please see the Endpoints setting to customize the URL of the Zaraz script: Zaraz settings · Cloudflare Zaraz docs

Dear Mr. Yoav,
Last point i am also confused about, as i tried to mention / paste the default path /cdn-cgi/zaraz/s.js? in Header trying to resolve the issue
But it was calling 2 copies of the script hence giving 2 different error.

Would request you to kindly guide more on how to do this, as this thread can also be used by other users for future guidance and support.

  1. There is no script that we have to host, if there is, if required, please guide where to find it.

  2. If i mention the path as shown in Console, it shows error in Cloudflare settings, so have mentioned Path based on Cloudflare Docs. (Image Attached)

  3. Do we need to create a path on Server and put some files there?

  4. I have mentioned a different path.
    (Image attached)

Still getting Consol errors in Google Console
But Surprisingly, when i tested Google Console on Window where i am logged into WP, these errors did not show up.
(Image attached)
Should we clear Litespeed Cache and cloudflare cache.

Awaiting your kind inputs to resolve the issue.

These console errors are meaningless.

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Thanks Yoav, for dedicating your time to help us understand and resolve the issue.