Zaraz - not working yet, stuck in a loop

I know it’s in beta. I set up the Facebook pixel in Zaraz and then when I try and load my website I get stuck in a loop where the pages give the Cloudflare screen -
Checking your browser before accessing
This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.
Please allow up to 5 seconds…
DDoS protection by Cloudflare

Here are some of the Ray ID’s from the pages -
Ray ID: 6ba7294e03e7032d
Ray ID: 6ba729bf8595032d
Ray ID: 6ba72a2ff20d032d
Ray ID: 6ba72a9e4496032d

Hey i can access your website, whitelist your ip maybe

Yes, I deleted the Zaraz FB pixel so it’s working.

I also see from the Ray ID’s that the IP address that’s triggering the problem is 2a06:98c0:3600::103 which is registered to the UK to CloudFlare and must be tripping the Firewall setting where non-US IP’s get the browser check. So I’m not sure if Zaraz will always be at that IP, or maybe I can set the ASN to always allow… humm…

Ok, really weird, but I think it’s working now. Although it may not be for anyone outside of the US and Canada.
I set the firewall to allow AS132892 (Cloudflare) but that didn’t change anything
I am outside of the US, but I have had my IP block set to allow in the firewall for years now without a problem. I do also have the firewall issuing a browser check for everyone outside of the US. I had to set the ASN of my ISP to allow in the firewall for the Zaraz to work. I don’t know why???

Oh boy, so I added both the Facebook Pixel and the Bing ad stuff to Zaraz. All seemed ok. Now about 20 minutes later, they both disappeared from the CF Zaraz dashboard… I’ve added them back, we’ll see if they stick around.

Well no suck luck. The FB Pixel and Bing disappeared by themselves again.

The Zaraz team is on the Cloudflare Developers Discord, I’d suggest posting there for support: Cloudflare Developers


Thank you. I posted there.

It seems the disappearing problem with Zaraz is fixed. Now a new problem, the Zaraz IP
2a06:98c0:3600::103 is getting hit in the firewall with the CF Ruleset Name Bot Fight Mode for Definite Bots when Googlebot loads a page. I don’t know what’s exactly going on, but it seems like when Zaraz is triggered, it gives the IP 2a06:98c0:3600::103 to whatever triggered it. So when Googlebot loads a page, it gets the IP 2a06:98c0:3600::103 from Zaraz and then the firewall figures out that IP is not a valid Googlebot IP and blocks it. This has happened 4.28k times in the last 24 hours

I have had to turn the Bot Fight Mode off since this isn’t resolved yet. I also opened a CF ticket #2323653

Just updating that both the IP issue and the disappearing configurations should be solved by now :pray: Thank you for reporting.

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