Zaraz is not sent tags


I have one problem, more precisely my online shop is set up on woocommerce and I wanted to connect GA4 with the help of Immediately to analyse my conversions.

Unfortunately I noticed that all the tools I have connected and catch eCommerce related events.

For example, I installed GA4 and the only events it catches are those related to Page_view.

To see if this helps anything I also installed GTM despite the warning that it might slow down my site.

I have also set everything up as described in the documentation. I have already tried creating Product View, Product Added and Purchase tags, but none of these tags work.

Also, I checked and I don’t see the tracking code zaraz.ecommerce anywhere on any of the pages


Track Name cannot be both “Pageview” and “view_item” at the same time.

Oh thank you very helpful answer.

Stayt away from this zaraz. You need completely change everything.

Some parts use something else commerce web API .