Zaraz in page rules

I would like to be able to choose in which pages to use Zaraz.
This is why it would be nice to be able to use the page rules to use zaraz depending on the subdomain or folder where I want to enter zaraz.
Example: if I use analytics with zaraz, google tracking is currently included in all the pages of my site, including the administrative area of wordpress, joomla, etc. If I could configure zaraz through the page rules, I could establish that google tracking does not show on the administrative pages of my sites.


me too , i already have ticket with them , but no answer from a week #2328845

You cannot do this with page rules, but you can configure this precisely as you wish in the Zaraz app itself by having a custom trigger based on the {{ }} parameter and then modifying your 3rd party tool’s page view event to use that as a blocking trigger. Here’s a full list of the properties you can generate triggers on:

For excluding Wordpress admin for example you would use to create a trigger for {{ }} starts with /wp-admin.

Then under your third party tool in Zaraz, modify the page view event and select the wp-admin trigger you just created as a “blocking event”.


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@diegogoyo You can now use page rules for that:

Thanks for the inspiration :slight_smile: