Zaraz + Google Analytics 4?

Trying out the Zaraz beta and my “old” Universal Analytics (UA-XXXXXX) code seems to be working just fine. I made a second Google Anayltics tool, set it up for Pageviews the same way as the old version, using my G-XXXXX code that GA4 uses.

Not getting any GA4 hits. Is there a way to do this? I see the custom HTML/HTTP request options on the form, but I haven’t worked with those.

I’m seeing the exact same issue on my sites. Any idea on how to implement GA4? Or do we need to stick with old UA account?

Are you still having issues with this? We have improved our GA4 integration in the last couple of weeks. It should be working fine. I would suggest using debug mode to test:

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Yeah, the new Google Analytics 4 option does work, just had to remove the existing “google analytics” entry using the GA4 code and make it an official GA4 thing

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