Zaraz GA4 ecommerce events not passing through all information


I’m using the Zaraz Web API and sending e-commerce events on our website.

For example:

window.zaraz?.ecommerce('Product List Viewed', {

Where products is an array of products, following the format described here:

I’ve ensured that ecommerce tracking is enabled in the GA4 tools integration settings and our general Zaraz settings.

Events are appearing in GA4, but not with product information.

‘Product List Viewed’ events are appearing in GA4 as view_item_list, that events documentation states it needs an array of products in an “items” key. So, I’d expect Zaraz to transform products into items.

If I change our code so that the key is “items” instead of “products” then data starts appearing in GA4 for the view_item_list event.

Is the documentation here: wrong? Is Zaraz not set up to translate these properties into the format GA4 requires yet?

I couldn’t get links working so had to includes them via inline codeblocks - sorry.