Zaraz Front End?

Dear Forum Members,

We are currently testing for our website and are trialling the following tools:

  • Pinterest
  • Bing
  • Reddit

We noticed that all 3 x Tools implement Front-End pixels & scripts.

We were under the impression that Zaraz would implement server-side tracking. In other words, we had expected that we would not see any front-end scripts and cookies.

Are we misunderstanding something?

Many thanks for clarifying.
Pairfum London

None of these tools loads client-side JS code like the original tools do. Some tools don’t support receiving information server-side, meaning for example that they depend on the IP address of the incoming request to be of the original user, or perhaps they depend on third-party cookies. In these cases Zaraz runs the code server-side to build the request structure, but then sends the URL back to the browser to execute the request. This is what you’re seeing with these tools.

Note that Pinterest Conversion API support is coming very soon to Zaraz: GitHub - managed-components/pinterest-conversion-api