Zaraz for domains not proxied by Cloudflare - Help


hizliceviri is online translation service that public pages work on WordPress. Automated injection is working there, no problem.

However, our app is running on Heroku with subdomain app hizliceviri

We’ve created a subdomain hizliceviri dot com installed our app. As you in screetshot, there is an error. You can find Cloudflare DNS record as well.

what’s wrong we are doing?

You can find screenshot below. hizliceviri com subdomain is proxied.

The problem seems to come from a broken tag in your website. We should make Zaraz ignore this issues, but it’s currently creating issues:

<title>Dil Seçimi ve Dosya Yükleme
 - Hızlıçeviri</title>

The title shouldn’t have a linebreak.

Hi yoav,

Thanks for your help. Code is running, GA4 real-time tracking is working, I can send events via Chrome console. However, debug mode doesn’t work on this page. It works on home page, but doesn’t work in app side.

Best regards.