Zaraz & Facebook Pixel - not working

I have set up Facebook Pixel with Zaraz, but when I test it on the facebook pixel testing tool, no events show up, ever.

I am 100% sure, because I test using my old method (script on website) and it works then. And I try Zaraz again, and it does not work.

Are there any tips to know if Zaraz is working? How do I know/check?

Hi @user20454 thanks for posting this.
Before we dive deeper, did you add your Facebook conversion API token to the configuration? This is required for using FB pixel server side. Secondly, if by saying Facebook pixel testing tool you are referring to some kind of browser extension – this wouldn’t work, because Zaraz doesn’t load the Facebook JS in the browser. You can use Zaraz on debug mode instead.

If you added the token, and you see the triggers on debug-mode, please update here and we can look into this. *Note: it also takes about 30min sometimes for Server Side events to appear on the FB interface.

Thanks Yair

Yes we did config everything and tried 3 times. Yes we did input the conversion API as well all 3 times.

Google analytics works fine but not Facebook pixel

Debug did not help as we see no logs being produced at all despite also setting the cookie in console.

As for the Facebook testing tool, it is we are using events manager testing tool on Facebook backend itself. We were anticipating test events and we did input the test code as well. However there is 0 data being sent to Facebook.

Can you please send the domain ID to [email protected], so I can check the configuration?