Zaraz Events Blocked by uBlock Origin in Chrome: Seeking Solutions


I’ve been very excited since discovering the Cloudflare Zaraz service. It’s been a game-changer after Google Tag Manager. Being able to send events to Google Analytics 4 without being blocked by the Brave browser is great.

However, I’m encountering a few issues and hope those who have resolved similar problems can assist. In a WooCommerce setup, I use the GTM4WP plugin to create a dataLayer. Then, I add the necessary variables, triggers, and events in Zaraz to send to Google Analytics 4.

I can successfully transfer all events to GA4 without issues in the Brave browser and Chrome Browser with Adblock extension.

The issue I’m facing is with Chrome Browser when uBlock Origin is installed; events like view_item, page_view, view_cart, begin_checkout, and purchase are working, but add_to_cart and remove_from_cart events do not trigger.

I have customized the initialization script, main script, track endpoint, and HTTP Events API.

I’ve also tried the same setup on another e-commerce site and encountered exactly the same issues.

It might be that the triggers are being blocked, I’m not sure. It’s great that I’ve managed to bypass the restrictions of the Brave browser and Adblock extension, but some events do not work with uBlock Origin.

I hope someone has solved this and can help.

drives me nuts. I have the same problem and i can’t make it work.

I have never heard of anything like that. Can you give an example of URLs that are blocked?