Zaraz error when activating Single Page Application support


Aproximately since December 11, I’ve noticed that Zaraz is not loading for my Angular 16 applications, throwing the following exception:

It was working like a cham until that date and no updates have been done any of the applications (I have the same problem with 3 different apps).

The error seems to be caused because zaraz it not yet loaded when zaraz._rl function is being called:

zaraz._rl = function() {
        w.zaraz.listeners && w.zaraz.listeners.forEach((V=>V.item.removeEventListener(V.type, V.callback)));
        window.zaraz.listeners = []

If I deactivate the Single Page Application support from Zaraz settings, it stops failing, but I need it activated because my app is a SPA…

Can anybody help me?


It seems that the issue was caused by a patch rolled out on December 11th. It has been fixed with another roll out on December 13th and now it seems to be working as expected.


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