Zaraz Ecommerce: Unexpectedly Sending SKU instead of product_id as conten_id to Facebook Pixel

Hello Cloudflare Community,

I’m reaching out for assistance with an issue I am encountering when using the Zaraz Ecommerce API in conjunction with Facebook Pixel. The unexpected behavior manifests in the way that the content_id is sent to Facebook Pixel; it seems to use the SKU of the product instead of the product_id, which I would expect.

Here is a snippet of the code that initiates the Zaraz ecommerce call:

zaraz?.ecommerce("Product Added", {
    sku: variant.sku,
    category: product.categories[0]?.name.value,
    brand: product.brand || undefined,
    variant: => value.value).join(" - "),
    currency: store.i18n.currency,
    value: price ? price * quantity : undefined,

Following this call, in the debug output provided by Zaraz, I’m seeing the following data sent to Facebook Pixel:

            "event_name": "AddToCart",
            "event_id": "66199577207653256",
            "action_source": "website",
            "event_time": 1700843318,
             // ...
                "timestamp": 1700843318,
                "product_id": "146415563",
                "sku": "SD-PRODUALMOT-BL",
                "category": "Standing Desk",
                "name": "Standing Desk PRO DUO",
                "brand": "INPRO",
                "variant": "Blanco",
                "price": 902000,
                "currency": "ARS",
                "value": 902000,
                "quantity": 1,
                "content_type": "product",
                "content_name": "Standing Desk PRO DUO",
                        "id": "SD-PRODUALMOT-BL",
                        "quantity": 1,
                        "item_price": 902000
                "content_category": "Standing Desk"
    "access_token": "XXX",
    "test_event_code": "XXX"

As you can observe, the "content_ids" array is populated with the SKU ("SD-PRODUALMOT-BL") rather than the product_id which I specified in the ecommerce call ("146415563").

Has anyone faced a similar issue or can provide guidance on how to ensure that Zaraz sends the product_id as the content_id to Facebook Pixel instead? Is there a configuration within the Zaraz dashboard or a specific implementation detail I’m missing?

Thank you in advance for your help!