Zaraz debugger not working as expected

Hi there,

I’m using Zaraz Debugger on my Gatsby site.

Something’s wrong because:

  1. Actions are fired only when I reload the page with Cmd/Shift/R
  2. Upon reloading the only trigger/action I get is (of course) “Pageview”
  3. When I navigate nothing gets logged, I’m forced to reload the page.
  4. I’ve set custom action (form submssion) => not fired

I also got this weird behavior:

  1. I got to my site and run zaraz.debug(“MY KEY”) in the console => “Uncaught ReferenceError: zaraz is not defined”
  2. I reload Cmd/Shift/R => debugger shows up :exploding_head:

BTW I’m using this that uses Workbox, maybe the trouble comes from the installed service worker ? I’m kind of lost. If you have any idea, please let me know !
Thanks !

Here a [video](