Zaraz Custom HTML not firing on every pageview


We have noticed that when using Zaraz Custom HTML, the custom HTML code is not inserted on every page view / Every page.

Is this a know bug?


Can you give an example?

I have done tests on a wordpress website with the adsense auto ads code.

The code is fired with zaraz only on homepage, and not fired on posts and category pages.

So the ads are appearing only on homepage and not on posts and category pages.

I have tried with other ad codes also and we notice the same bug.

Could you share some example URLs?

One thing to check for sure is that your origin is returning content-type: text/html in the response headers - it’s unlikely to be missing or wrong - but if it were, I suspect Zaraz would not parse your HTML and inject your Custom HTML settings.


Here is an example URL with the bug:

Thanks for your help.

I’m checking internally with the Zaraz team

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Any update on this?

Also we have noticed that adsense auto ads code is changed when inserted by zaraz.

It shouldnt be since a policy violation to change the code.


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The Zaraz team have investigated & found the issue and released a fix, so everything should be working now. If you’re still experiencing issues just let us know at which URL you’re seeing it so we can take a look.


Hello after double checking, we can confirm the bug is still present.

To reproduce the bug, please go to this url: dying light -

Then click on the first article Dying Light 2.

When entering the article, the ads are not showing, even if adsense auto ads code is deployed in cloudflare zaraz custom HTML.

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@crono8888 The custom HTML bug you reported is fixed - I can see the custom HTML you’ve specified in the live DOM on the page you have mentioned.

For your other issue - would you open a new thread and describe the problem and how to reproduce?