Zaraz Continually Re-loading Script (Thinking Pageview When Not)

Hi team,

Noticing that when using the pageview trigger, Zaraz seems to re-load the exact same script that was already loaded multiple times:

It’s happening on a myriad of pages:

Like Zaraz doesn’t realize that it has already loaded the JS file, so it re-loads it. Maybe it’s confusing the URL adding a #information or URL parameters and thinking it’s a totally new page reload? It’s super strange, and that’s the only thing that I’m able to think might be causing it.

A pageview load of a resource shouldn’t be counted if the URL simply adds a # or ?query parameter details.

Thinking I need to not use Zaraz for any of these scripts now :cry:

I’m assuming you’re using a SPA and you have SPA compatibility turned on, which makes Zaraz think it’s a new pageview. If that’s the case, add the “Ignore SPA” field to your Custom HTML actions.

Hmm interesting, trying to understand this. So you’re saying that I need to create a new trigger that has the value:

And I’m not using a SPA, I’m using Webflow which seems a bit confusing that this would happen, does that still sound like the situation? Can’t 100% figure out what I’m to do to fix this, is the above accurate?

Thanks so much!

I’m not sure where in my message or in the link I’ve sent you saw anything about zaraz.spaPageview(). I said → add the “Ignore SPA” field to your Custom HTML actions.

Ah, I was scrolling the page looking for SPA information, the link you sent above just scrolled down but hit the end of the page (larger display) so I wasn’t sure it was referencing. Looked at the # and noticed it was this section:

Add the “Ignore SPA” field to your Custom HTML actions

Found it, will try that, thanks so much :pray:

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