Zaraz Bug Report

I think I found a bug in Cloudflare Zara.

When enabling it and having a Cloudflare Error, it’s still enabled, and so the official Error Page could get edited, and the Ray-ID’s etc. received or changed.

Also, it looks weird, when my footer is still visible, while it says that the origin is unreachable.

in the bottom left corner, my footer is still shown.

Thanks for reporting, I will try to loop in support so we can handle it.

Hi @TimedIn,

Is this issue still reproducible? Can you provide the full URL, please?

Also, please take a look at this KB (Error 522: connection timed out) that you find it useful.


so it’s not about the 5xx Error itself. That was my fault.

The problem is that Zaraz is still active even when CF-Shows the error page.

On the bottom you can still see the footer, „© 2022 TimedIn“.

best regards

looping in @venkatchaithanyachin