Zaraz blocked by uBlock Origin

My tests showed Zaraz is blocked by a browser extension “uBlock Origin.”

In my case I am using Chrome. I have turned off automatic injection of the Zaraz script. Instead, I code it in a webpage manually so I can include a nonce, . And I use Zaraz to load three, third-party tools (jQuery, osano, analytics) each of which are custom HTML using “pageview” as the system trigger.

I don’t need a solution here since I have disabled Zaraz and am OK with that. (Of course I would gladly accept a solution, since I am a novice!) Instead this post is just a heads up.

Uninstall ublock origin?

Well, sure.

I’m just posting my experience for those who may use Zaraz to deliver critical third-party tools and can’t afford for their tools to fail even for a small percentage that use uBlock Origin.