Yubikey Code

Hi everyone,

does anyone know whats going on with the yubikey emails? I’ve been waiting 5 business days for my code. I also tried reaching out to support but that was to no avail.
Anyone else in the same boat here?


I got mine a few fours after requesting.

i also wait it.

Still waiting here too, though not quite at 3 business days yet.

Still waiting on mine too, kinda concerned at this point. I was setting up my homelab and wanted to test Cloudflare as a possible option when I came across the offer. When I set up my account and clicked it was before they added the language about needing to be an active Zero Trust user. I’m trying to fumble my way through it, but I kinda feel misled…was hoping to have everything set up first and then implement Zero Trust, not try racing through the setup process in hopes of getting my hands on a code.


From what I saw they changed the conditions (which my account fulfill),
but also they added additional “thing”: Cloudflare may modify, limit, or discontinue this promotion at any time.
We all know why, but…

The offer for which I’ve agreed:


I’m waiting too, this has become the 4th day that the Yubikey promotion email hasn’t arrived after the Claimed button was initiated. I went in and verified it was claimed today so there isn’t a snafu there.

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Any updates on this? I claimed on Saturday before the terms changed, then made sure my account met the new terms. I still have not yet received the email from YubiCo.

You are still in the 1-3 business days, but I’m going to assume they will honor all claims. It’s just Yubico has been overwhelmed.

I claimed the offer on Friday and still waiting

I have been waiting since Friday evening. Is there a chance that my claim was rejected?

I’ve been waiting 5 business days for my code. Still nothing :pensive:

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I too am still waiting, and I also requested my code before Cloudflare changed the terms. I contacted Yubico and they directed me to contact Cloudflare. It would be nice if Cloudflare would clarify when this matter will be resolved. . .

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Claimed on Saturday, no email yet.

I reached out to Yubico and Cloudflare and they told me to wait 3 days and if not, reach out to the community which apparently won’t help much either as it seems like many people are stuck too. Claimed it last weekend and still no email.

This is being investigated and worked on internally, and the posts in the community do help to understand how widespread the issue is and what all is going on. Unfortunately I don’t have any solid answers yet either.

Also requested on Friday. Cloudflare sent me to yubico as I hadn’t received after 3 days. Yubico say they have nothing with my email address and sent me back to Cloudflare. The post marked as “resolved” says that they were working on this issue 2 days ago. It shouldn’t be that hard/figured this was all automated. What’s the point of this community if the vendor doesn’t actually review and comment?

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This community is for asking questions and for the community to help provide answers and help, if they can.

Cloudflare employees do monitor this forum, and as has been said above, this issue is being worked on. Feel free to post, as you did, asking for clarification or an update; however negative comments about the Community won’t help this issue get resolved faster.