Yubikey as Login Method?

Hello, I’m using Cloudflare Access heavily, and I was wondering if there was a way to use a Yubikey as a Login Method for Apps behind Access?

If not, is this a feature that is coming soon?


As a login method in and of itself? No. As a required 2FA mechanism yes, if your IDP supports it.


No, I’m not interested in yubikey for Cloudflare account login. I would like to use Yubikey for Apps that are behind Access.

Do you know if it’s in the plans to release such feature in the future?

@cscharff’s answer was spot on.

You can’t use just the Yubikey itself as Access itself isn’t an IdP, it can be a requirement for Access, but it needs to be added to the IdP service you actually use to login, Google, Microsoft, etc.


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