Yubico key offer? Zones? Need help / clarity

I received the email below from Cloudflare.

There are no helpful links in the email.

I login to my CF account, go to my dashboard and see nothing about Zones (as mentioned below).

The support automation gave me suggestions but it wasn’t exactly clear if that was what I needed and if it would fulfilling what CF is requiring with regards to the Yubikey offer (from a couple of weekend ago).

Obviously, I’m new to CF. Could someone make this easy for me in a don’t make me think user experience sort of way? CF doesn’t seem interested for some reason :frowning:



Thanks for your interest in the “Good for the Internet” pricing promotion for Yubico security keys, offered to Cloudflare customers in collaboration with Yubico. We’re reaching out with information about how to qualify for the offer as your account currently does not qualify.

Cloudflare users can take advantage of this offer as long as their account is active as follows:

  • The account has an active zone, or
  • The account is actively using Cloudflare Zero Trust and
  • The account has not exceeded the amount of Yubico security keys available as part of this offer.

If your account becomes active while the offer is open, you will receive an email from Yubico so that you can partake in the offer. We appreciate your understanding and support in helping improve Internet security.

The Cloudflare Team

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Bump. Nothing on this? Why Cloudflare? Why? :frowning:

A zone is a domain, so add a website :slight_smile:

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How about ZeroTrust part? As far as I understand it is just applying DNS to home routers or devices personally without a website right? I could not find how to do exactly that, and I could not get the Yubikey e-mail yet except ‘not qualified’ one :frowning:

It should be just as simple as that, I have both configured (my own website runs fully through Cloudflare) but I also didn’t get the discount yet. On Reddit I find, people are experiencing the same issue.

Hello team,

Is this program still available?
I’ve still not received the promo code yet.

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