YSlow is not detecting Cloudflare CDN

Hello, I;ve updated my nameservers an it is now 12 hours but GTMetrix is not detecting the CDN and I need it.

The URL is https://vatechs.com/

kindly guide me.

CloudFlare actually is not a CDN, its a CDN-Like Reverse-Proxy Cache. Thats it.
Real CDNs have their own Push and Pull Zone and serve static content cookiefree AND from different Domains. CloudFlare is not doing so.

But why do you need GTMetrix to simply detect a CDN? Its not making your site faster or slower in any way.

So to say you β€œneed” it is kinds wrong, may you want it. And to achive it you can simply

  1. register at GTMetrix
  2. login into GTMetrix
  3. go to settings
  4. navigate to the bottom to β€œYSlow CDN Hostnames”
  5. fill in a simple β€œ*”
    Looks like this:
  6. click β€œSave Settings”
  7. test again
  8. be happy

Pls notic: this β€œissue” is not related to CloudFlare in any way, this particular forum is the wrong place to ask for assistance for this kind of problems as they are not related to CloudFlare



If you do this to meassure the technical SEO ranking of your site pls do not go primary with GTMetrix, but with Google PageSpeed Insights or Lighthouse instead. As you most probably wanna rank good in Google, you also have to play according to the rules of Google.
Also you should differentiate Mobile and Desktop Ranking.

Check your Link here:

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