YouTube videos not playing with WARP+ enabled

It has been a few days since YouTube app on iOS stopped playing videos. It is possible to load the feed, search videos, like and change playlists, but videos won’t play at all.

It only happens with WARP+ enabled. On DNS only mode it plays fine. It also plays with other VPNs. I was using version 6.6, and joined the testflight to install version 6.7, but it didn’t fix the issue as well.

I’ve already tried to reinstall the app, restart the iPhone and “Reset Network Settings” in the Setting.

There also is an issue with the “ for Families” settings, because it keeps defaulting to “None” (both versions 6.6 and 6.7).

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From the App Store reviews, I found out that the app isn’t retaining the “DNS settings” option as well. Using DNS over HTTPS solves the issue of YouTube videos not playing - so there is something with the WARP protocol since it was playing fine in v6.6 a few weeks ago.

The latest beta 6.7 2108280100.0 fixed the issue of app not preserving the DNS settings.

And a YouTube app update fixed the issue of videos not playing.