YouTube video embeds broken upon swap


We had a page on Business Catalyst that I recently swapped to WordPress since Catalyst was announced as End of Life. It was created with the Divi builder so that it would be quick to deploy. Unfortunately it became quite bulky, and with the addition of desired video backgrounds that I was unable to defer, quite slow.
Today I swapped over to Cloudflare to try and remedy some performance issues.

There was a YouTube video embedded in the front page that now no longer loads. I see it when I am in the Divi builder just fine, and I’ve tried recreating the asset. But it never shows up on the actual page.

Can someone provide assistance with a fix? Or general tips on where my best starting point is for improving performance? A new video is in the works so I won’t be able to replace the background vod with an image, if there is an ideal method with cloudflare to prepare for this.

Poor GTmetrix (I am not sure where or how it is calling that placeholder vod):

Thank you kindly,

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