Youtube to Cloudflare Stream

I am looking to move my YouTube channel to Cloudflare Stream (for many reasons) and was wondering (and hoping!) that there is a relatively pain free way to (for example) post a YouTube video URL and it get uploaded to Stream.
Is this possible?
Or will I have to download all my YouTube content to my PC and then upload the content to Cloudflare? (with over 1000 videos this would be a long and painful process so I am keen to avoid it if possible!)
Thanks for any help you can give!

Sorry, Stream needs the source video file.

Ah damn, looks like a nice smooth transition isn’t gonna happen then.
Real shame.
I’ll just trial a few videos in that case and go from there.
Thanks for the info :+1:

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Agreed with the responses above. Stream doesn’t make it super easy to migrate from YouTube.

Maybe the fastest way could be to get a virtual machine on the cloud to help with the connection speed issue - home connections could be slow for a transfer like this.

I’d suggest using youtube-dl to download the videos and use Stream’s upload-from-url API to upload them to Stream.

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YouTube re-compresses everything you upload to it, no matter what, throwing away data in the process.

Your videos would benefit from re-uploading to Cloudflare Stream from the original files, rather than versions downloaded from YouTube, if quality is important to you.

With that in mind, I just wanted to also note you don’t need to use a third party service to download your YouTube videos. There’s a download button in YouTube Studio on each of your videos, although if I’m not mistaken, these will only be 720p tops.


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I just want to correct my earlier suggestion, with a better way to retrieve ALL of your YouTube videos from your YouTube channel, at the highest quality.

Google Takeout allows you to request all, or some of any type of data from your account, including videos from one of your YouTube channels. They’ll package that up, then email you a download link, or put it directly onto specified cloud storage.

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