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Hi All,
I am trying to block only “shorts” on YouTube. Kids are unnecessarily spending lot of time watching this junk. I dont want to block entire YouTube domain, jist the shorts… Is there any tested and working way??

P.S. i have tried several googled methods to create http policy on cf gateway, but none works so far.


Hi :wave:,
I made a account just to reply to this post lol. I have a great permanent soloution but only works for ANDROID.

I have a soloution but made only for Android. I made a video a while ago about how to remove shorts step by step mine is the only working permanent soloution on youtube (app also removes adds and other premium features for free) here’s the link:

Dosent let me upload links but on youtube search

@-zed- including the @ symbol in search bar and should be ED clan click channel and watch the video

Interesting, whatever I try like Application in YouTube and URL Path in /shorts, or Host in and any other combination URL Path /shorts, it is not working.


Despite only /shorts for URL Path catches any domain and works fine except for Quite strange behaviour :thinking:

I’ll test some more and write back.

Furthermore, have you tried considering a Web browser extension to block YT shorts in the meantime?

EDIT: Seems there is a way → URL Query matches regex .*ctier=SH.* as explained in detail on the article from below:

At least what I see in my example, a video cannot be loaded:

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