Youtube is not working in Cloudflare Zero Trust

I am using Cloudflare Zero trust in my home. Things are working fine except Youtube. I am seeing youtube blocked with google sorry url.

The video is just example. It’s redirect you similar to this url (except the video_id you watch)

I am on free plan and I want to exclude the youtube from zero trust. I don’t want anything on youtube like some other app provide features like Youtube will work under safe searching.

Right now what I am feeling is the ip that Cloudflare gave me are used by some other people as well at same time (on free plan).

Is there a way I can exclude the youtube because the problem I am facing is surely facing by other as well.


Go to “{YourIdAccount}/settings/network/split_tunnels
Add in Selector: Domain
Add domain:

Click Save Desination Button
One domain at a time

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