Youtube Blocked Content - Canada

Can Cloudflare Teams allow me to access Saturday Night Live content which is blocked to Canadians?

No. Warp, which is the consumer VPN, does not allow you to change your country. In addition, CF Teams doesn’t have anything like that either.


  1. Install Opera browser and set its vpn on America

That is what I thought. Your web bot answered incorrectly. It needs further AI training.

Did you submit a support ticket that received an incorrect automated response?

No. My question was too complex for the bot. This is a better place to raise these kinds of questions. Thx.

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Brilliant! Works just fine. Thanks for this tip. The sad thing is that I can watch SNL live on my Bell Canada Fibe TV subscription but Google/Youtube won’t allow me to see the SNL Youtube clips of these same episodes here in Canada. At least I have a way accessing them now.

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