You're hijacking my wifi sign-in page!

The wifi of my work accommodation has a sign-in page, the address of which begins “” and so on.

Every time my browser (Chrome on Android) tries to load this page so I can accept the network conditions and get on wifi, I’m redirected to the front page of this service instead and so I can never get on the wifi with my phone anymore.

What is going on? Kind of annoying.

UYour vendor hijacked a network that was not really intended to be used for private networking. (pseudo-private network) 1/8 was moved from “IANA reserved” to “IANA unallocated” in 2008! It was clear that someone will try to get this network allocated. Vendors shouldn’t use it anymore since has been changed.

APNIC decided to make this network available to the public now. Why not? There are more than enough private adresses available (10/8, 172.16/12, 192.168/16). About 18 million addresses.

I am sorry to read that you’ve trouble now. But you either have to wait for a firmware update or change the IP on your own. Or configure your network not to route to the public internet.

But usually your network should respond first instead of routing the request to the internet. Commonly such network settings makes (the public) inaccessible instead of your local device.


That’s not entirely surprising. The company’s access page has no security cert and the whole thing appears rather low-rent. I’ll try to contact IT via the front desk.


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I am having the same issue. I work at a large hospital. We have no cell service inside the hospital, so wifi is our only option other than going outside. I have worked here for 10 years and never had a problem until the last few months. Beyond that I’m the only person who seems to be having a problem. Also if I clear my browser data and try various browsers I can still occasionally get it to work. I have even tried using the IP address from the WIFI settings to log in, which worked temporary.

It really makes Cloudflare look like a sketchy hijacker.

as @MarkMeyer said before, the IP address was reserved/unallocated, so manufacturers should not have used it, they should have used a local IP.

The ‘usually’ bit here may explain why you are occasionally able to connect…

Cloudflare isn’t a

The manufacturers shouldn’t have used that IP, not a lot CF can do about it!


You are twisting facts hard here :wink: it is not Cloudflare who hijacked something but your network or hardware provider.

I second everything @MarkMeyer and @domjh already said.


It would be pretty funny to get on the HSTS preload list. Currently is preloaded but the hsts preload website doesn’t accept the IP address, so it might need to be pushed to chromium manually.

Edit: nevermind