You're attempting to log into Cloudflare from an unrecognized IP Address

I did not turn on anything it just started seeing this!

How to disable it?! i have to open email everytime i login on cloudflare? i don’t see a reason my ISP uses dynamic ips which can change very often like in hour/s.

If i need more security i can just go and enable 2FA. IP authorization is waste of time as you today authorize the ip which tomorrow will have someone else.

Please tell me how to disable this thanks.

Same problem! Also go an email if I log in from another computer! And the problem is, I should get a token via email to register the ip adress, but trying several times, no email comes! Very unprofessional from a cloudservice like this! What´s up there??

And the best: No possibilty to contact a support service via chat or email! Hi folks, are we third class customer because we only pay 240 Euro per year??

You can email

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