Your SSL/TLS encryption mode

Your SSL / TLS encryption mode should I use? I have recently changed these settings and I think it is giving me problems. When I entered that page, I read if I remember correctly “api request blocked” or something similar.

my website:

The encryption mode generally should be Full Strict. If you have selected a different setting, it is insecure.

If anything got blocked, then it may have been a firewall setting, not the encryption mode.

I’ve choice full (not string) to better compatibility.

That equals to insecure anyway.

Imagine someone hijacks your IP address (BGP hijack) which routes the traffic to the hacker’s server with an invalid SSL certificate, because you are using non-strict Full mode, your visitors will see the hacker’s website instead of your website.

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That’s not better compatibility, that’s no security.

Not sure why you are asking for advice when you are not following it.

Plus it’s all addressed in that article anyhow

No need to open a thread

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