Your site could not complete a Loopback Request

I received this warning on the Health Check of a Wordpress website I’m maintaining.

I searched the archive CF and my settings are different to the solved questions.

SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full
TLS is a CloudFlare generated one

The site also had a 524 connection error yesterday, are they related?

Many thanks.

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that’s peculiar, does your Cloudflare have any logs about the attempt, judging by this, maybe cURL on your server is unable to validate the certificate name.

This may be an SSL issue with your server.
Not all sites using FlexSSL have this error. The ones I am finding that do not are on my own VPS systems running EasyEngine in which EE registers certs using Let’s Encrypt which means they are not self-signed.

A 524 error states that Cloudflare was able to make a TCP connection to the origin, but the origin did not reply with a HTTP response before the connection timed out. This means that Cloudflare is able to make a network connection to the origin server, but the origin server took too long to respond to the request.

Additional, most common reasons:

What is your domain name?

Are you using a valid SSL certificate at your host/origin for your domain and www.domain?
Moreover, are you using any plugins like Really Simple SSL for your Wordpress Website?

Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback, I feel confident that I can get this fixed with your help!

The website concerned is

Up to about six months ago I was using the Flexible setting on Cloudflare as the server used AutoSSL to generate an SSL with LetsEncrypt, but I ran into an issue where it stopped creating new certificates.

I followed this article on how to install a CF SSL on your server and all seemed fine until now.

There are origin certificates for:
*, (2 hosts)

I wonder if the 524 has something to do with it being a Litespeed server. I’ll check-in with the hosts to see if they have any ideas on that one.

Thanks again, and if you have any more ideas any help is gratefully received.

In case where you use cPanel AutoSSL, to renew your SSL certificate at your host, make A records :grey: and start the AutoSSL process at your cPanel.

That way, it would figure it out it’s own way to your origin/host IP address and hopefully successfull renew the SSL certificate.

When it finishes successfully, turn back thoose records to :orange: and have a “Full SSL” option enabled :slight_smile:

Another approach is to add a TXT record “DCV” to the Cloudflare dashboard.

Moreover, this method at least works for me, I just put all the records to :grey:, manually trigger autoSSL at cPanel, and when it finishes, I just turn back to :orange: :wink:

The same applies to the Let’s Encrypt renew process, because on some other domains I use LE so I also need every 3 months to repeat the same process.

Another way is to generate Cloudflare CA origin certificate, add hostnames, and download it from Cloudflare dashboard.
Then, you can upload/install it at your host/origin.

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