Your site cannot be found by search engines

Hi, I am running a WordPress website and when I enable CloudFlare I get the following errors under site health:

  • Your site cannot be found by search engines (And it will not display on any Search engines)
  • Your site could not complete a loopback request
  • The REST API encountered an error

Anyone have any ideas on what’s going on?

Show me your domain, so i can track what’s going on?


Thank you for your help:

After taking a quick look at your website, there are many problems with your website. I’m not sure about the search engine bot blocking problem because you haven’t shown how likely your firewall is to block the bot. But there are many problems with your website that need improvement
For example, some of these issues:
1, Your Web is running multiple versions, even the non-www https version gives error 1002
2, Your website is sketchy in terms of content, not indexed on search engines (google…)
3, The image is not optimized. content compression and caching algorithms have not been used yet
If you use GSC then go to GSC, submit sitemap and check which url is excluded, which url is not indexed…

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