Your failover latency report:

Hello Team,
today I have received an email from Cloudflare regarding “YOUR LATECEY REPORT”

Is anyone have any idea how we can manage the same.

This is the third of these I’ve seen. For now, I suggest you ignore it, as I’m not sure the data is accurate.

Yeah, looks like this is a blast to all customers. Seen this on my personal + business account, both on free and paid plans

I came to the forum for that email too. I don’t understand the email. It gives me the feeling of shady marketing practices, by using terminology and painting an alarming picture.

Can someone explain what ‘failover instances’ are? If I search online, is see terms like ‘SQL server failover cluster instances’ and ‘always on failover cluster instances’, which are even more vague. :slightly_smiling_face:

In a recent 7-day period, your domains encountered 1,664 failover instances . That equates to 13,390 seconds of latency. Latency could be zero seconds with Cloudflare Load Balancing .

Latency during failover can result in slow web performance and/or interrupted sessions.

This poor user experience can harm your brand, conversion rate, and overall revenue.

Customers using Cloudflare Load Balancing experienced ZERO seconds of latency during origin failover


Super annoyed that they sent this email to my boss. Hes now kicking up a fuss asking why we aren’t using it.

Not sure we can even use a load balancing service when we only have a single origin server.

Shady marketing for sure. We didn’t even get an email telling us the service existed to begin with. Just this alarmist BS.

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